What is a Grab Truck and how can it help me?

A grab truck is a self-loading truck, capable of many tasks to aid businesses or individual needs

Councils: For removing waste/ rubbish, rather than a gang of guys, reduce manual handling issues and fatigue. Fallen trees, clear the damage away clear and fast. SEP’s our clamshell fits inside most SEP’s making them easily cleaned. The silt is put in the truck taken straight to the dump. The list goes on this vehicle is designed to save time and money.

Landscapers: Allow us to clear your rubbish, clear away unwanted rocks, spoil, turf etc. Root balls trees Etc. in fact, anything our grab will pick up.

Homeowners: Let us remove that soil, excavate out that drive. With a reach of approximately 10 metres we can sit on the road without any fears of destroying your garden. We can also deliver sand, rubble and soil right where you want it.

Civil contractors & Builders: We can offer you the benefit of just the right amount of material just to complete the backfill. No excess on the road to worry about, we just take it away on the truck. We can have multiple products on the truck at the same time for those repair jobs: sand, road base and bitumen for example. We can clean up your project without the need for an excavator. Rubbish collections made on a regular basis. We can provide a cage to contain the waste, then clear it out. No need to pay for a skip full of other peoples rubbish.


At AGT we have fitted pay load weighing systems to all trucks. This ensures you get value for money, doing away with the guess work. Charged by the Ton. A minimum fee can apply on smaller load jobs.

We are open 24/7 to cover those emergency situations, such as storm events when rapid clean-up is required.

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